Slasher/Thriller Movie Posters: Cool Wall Art Décor

It’s impossible to resist a good thriller movie, and no movie buff homeowner can ever resist a good movie poster. If you’re into thriller and slasher films, The Hitcher movie poster is a must-have. These movie posters are not just for the Halloween season, but it can be an all-year-round wall art décor.

The most popular movie poster of The Hitcher is this image of The Hitchhiker himself portrayed by Sean Bean. The shot depicts the actor looking back as if he saw something with a long stretch of road as the background. The movie’s quote “Never pick up strangers.” is significantly printed on the poster along with the movie’s title.

There are of course several variations to this movie poster, with the background slightly different but the posters still provide that eerie vibe reminiscent of most thriller films.

For design inspirations for this type of movie poster, here are some cool ideas:

A panel wall display is an awesome design inspiration and the perfect reason to get all your thriller/slasher movie posters lined up in the entertainment room wall space. Hang your favorite posters side by side, frame it or use other unique alternatives. It would be even so much better if you can use an alternative that goes well with your slasher movie poster.

An eccentric gallery wall with The Hitcher movie poster works well too! There are several gallery wall arrangements that can be used. The best gallery type for eclectic looking wall designs is the asymmetrical. You can add each item into the gallery and even add a few more decors that you think fit well with your slasher/thriller movie posters. The opposite of asymmetrical, a symmetrical gallery wall also works as long as you have all the pieces to hang and each size, shape, and style of the wall décor are already determined. If done correctly, a symmetrical gallery wall can make a great statement wall in your home.

The good old centerpiece wall art display is still a tested and proven design inspiration that is a cool way to showcase your favorite movie poster. Turn heads and create conversation starters with The Hitcher poster by making it a centerpiece in your home theatre or entertainment room.

Hopefully these design inspirations should add fuel to fire for that decorating woes with your favorite movie poster. As with any art work in your home, make sure that your movie living room wall art poster is of superior quality to emphasize the beauty of its design!